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Originální černá cartridge CANON BX3.

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I'm currently doing some recraesh on the NZ Aviatrix Jean Batten, who made several historical flights in the 1930s. In mid Oct 1936 she stayed at the Hotel Australia in Sydney for two nights during her record flight from England to Australia to New Zealand.I am very interested in the couple of days Jean Batten spent in Sydney as this was a very dramatic time in her life. She was being urged by not to attempt the trans-tasman flight and also offered huge money by Frank Packer to abandon the flight and do a lecture tour of Australia.I'm keen to find out if there were any people who worked there who recall her or wrote of her or were even inspired by her. As well as the regular hotel staff the Hotel Manager apparently organised a team of secretaries for her to deal with the multitude of requests made on her while she was in Sydney and also to deal with the 1700 telegrams that were sent to her at the Hotel. Obviously almost all of the staff of the 1930s would probably be dead by now but if anyone knows a relative who worked there at that time, or someone who wrote of meeting Jean Batten I would be very interested. Any leads gratefully received. My contact is Thank you.

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