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Programovatelný Controller PLC Modul, relé, motor


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Programmable Logic Controller 2015.4 Upgraded: 1. The set number of each group pulses in stepper motor is upgraded from the original 9999 pulses to 65535 pulses; it is more flexible to drive a stepper motor. 2. Add a password function in menu, in order to prevent unauthorized personnel modify the function parameters; improve the security control panel to set parameters. 3. Adds installment function. When you use an device which integrates this programmable control board, if the customers just pay a deposit or advance payment only paid, and part of the balance may be take some time before pay off, then you can use this function, setting the total number of runs the boot. When boot times completes, the control board will not make any movement, any input signal and operations do not have any reaction, to get back to normal mode must be secondary to activate! 4. Add a setting parameter copy function. In mass production, does not require a separate control panel for each program, as long as there is a control panel complete debugging and program instructions determine correct, it can be copied to other control panel batch program. Feature: - programmable controller and no need to connect the computer; - Easy to use,directly use programming button on the board to write the program, and don’t need computer and software; - 7 x Signal input port(photoelectric isolated); - 9 x output port (7 group of 20A relay and 2 group of 800V 12 A bidirectional thyristor); - 3 group of timer(0.01seconds~0.99seconds; 1second~99seconds; 1 minute~99munite); - 1 x 15bit Counter (setting 1~1307674368000 times); - 1 x programming display LED (maximum display value: 9999); - 1 x temperature detection port (1~99 degrees); - 1 x analog quantity detection port (0~500V); - 1 x PWM pulse width modulation port (12V 2A 2KHZ adjustable duty ratio 1%~ 99%); - 1 x forced reset port; - 1 x Interrupt control port; - 2 x High speed pulse output port (for stepper motor driver); - Can be set to 16 segment, for each segment pulse set number 1~9999; - Pulse frequency adjustable range: 100HZ~9900HZ (with rise-and-fall program); - 16 segment pulse step can set work frequency alone; - Size: 142×118 mm Není běžně skladem,dodání 3-6 týdnů.Jsme schopni sehnat i jiné el. součástky a prvky pro průmyslovou automatizaci.

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