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ANCARA Beyond The Dark (CD)


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  • Datum vložení do archivu: 21. srpna 2012
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 The new, second full-length album ”Beyond the dark” will now be released in Europe (excluding Finland) through Metal Heaven. Recordings took place in Spring 2007 at Finnvox Studios and E-Major Studios in Helsinki with the production handled by the band with the help of Arto Tuunela and Emppu Vuorinen (Nightwish). Mastering was done by Mika Jussila.

”Beyond the dark” already has hit the Finnish album charts on the opening week at 9th place at the release in the band’s home country. The radio and video single ”Deny” was released from the album which has been airing frequently on the Finnish radio and music TV since.

Ancara is known to be an extraordinarily tight live band which will be touring in Finland the whole of January 2008. They also just finished their second music video from the album, called ”Just for me”. The clip is included on the European version as bonus together with another video for “Deny” and two bonus audio tracks called "The World" and a live version of ”Burn In Hell".
Track list: 01.Circles, 02.Deny, 03.Snowflower, 04.Scarred, 05.Just For Me, 06.Cranium Tension, 07.When Everyone Else Is Gone, 08. In Silence, 09.The World (full version, bonus track), 10.Burn In Hell (live, bonus track), 11.Deny (video clip), 12.Just For Me (video clip)






















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