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Diego Garcia-Cuaderno De Viajes Vol.1

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  • Datum vložení do archivu: 21. srpna 2012
  • Nabídka byla zobrazena: 5x
  • Status prodeje: Neprodáno
  • Typ nabídky: Aukce

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 Customer Reviews
Smokin' Jams from accross the GREAT POND!

by Rocha Malhada

Need some Blues? Some Jammin' stuff to groove the night away....? Well, it won't go away, a legacy style laid down for the full-fillment of those whom want to dig these blues. will bring you back here! No track will let you down..... Just a great compilation of great work in here.
Diego is awesome!

by Scorp

You'd swear Nashville and Memphis packed up and took their studios to Spain to record this CD. Keep an eye on this guy! Compliments to the rest of Diego's 'Nashville' or should I say 'Seville Cats' on this recording.

by roodytoot

Very very good album.Not your typical "gunslinger" guitarist that tries to show you all he's got in 30 seconds of a cut. I'd give him an A+ for "plays well with others".This guys got some slick moves but never overpowers.A nice blend of talent and taste.






















Právě na Aukru - doporučeno

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